May 29, 2024

WTCHH – Episode 2

Show Notes

1. Introduction

– Hosts introduce themselves and the episode’s focus

– Mention the aim of creating a community for children of first responders

2. Challenging Negative Thoughts and Practicing Gratitude for Mental Health

– Importance of mental health for children of first responders

– Ways to challenge negative thoughts

– Role of gratitude in mental health

3. Holiday Challenges and Support within the First Responder Community

– Balancing work schedules and family time during holidays

– Jennifer’s experience of her father’s colleagues covering shifts

– Significance of community support among first responders

4. Personal Experiences Growing up with First Responder Parents

– Impact of parents’ careers on childhood experiences

   – Jennifer’s reflection on not knowing which version of her father would show up

   – Ashlee’s structured upbringing influenced by her father’s work mentality

– Positive relationships and unique experiences

   – Jennifer’s pride in her dad’s role as a firefighter

   – Ashlee’s fond memories of 4th of July fireworks with her father

5. Resiliency

– Defining resiliency: Ability to pick oneself up after being knocked down

   – Example from Jennifer’s work with adolescents at a military base

– Importance of resiliency for children and individuals in high-stress jobs

6. Resiliency and Gratitude in First Responder Families

– Discussing how gratitude aids in building resiliency

– Drawing insights from hosts’ own childhood experiences

7. Future Episodes and Audience Engagement

– Hosts’ intention to provide more insight into resiliency

– Invitation to listeners to engage with social media pages

– Teasing more stories and experiences related to being children of first responders

8. Conclusion

– Recap of main points discussed

– Emphasis on open conversation about experiences of children of first responders

– Encouraging audience engagement and providing support for listeners

Episode Transcript

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